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LA Gun 01-15-2013 8:56 PM

Sig Question
Just picked up a very nice, well taken care of used sig 229R DAK. This is not my first sig by a long shot but it is my first DAK.
The trigger seems loose, a little play side to side and front to back before the trigger starts to take up.
Gun is in great condition so not worried but wondering if the screw on the side of the frame should be could be tightened or is this common on this trigger type?

Sky_DiveR 01-15-2013 9:39 PM

The pin that has a slot just above the trigger is not a screw. Do not try to tighten up the trigger with it.

How much side to side play are you talking about?

You can also have about an eighth inch take up on your trigger.

LA Gun 01-16-2013 6:21 AM

Not a lot. Maybe a tenth of an inch. If I shake the gun the trigger rattles a bit. On my other SA/DA if I pinch the trigger it will move but only about half as much and they won't rattle.

Sky_DiveR 01-17-2013 5:51 AM

It's been awhile since I've taken mine apart, but it sounds like you may either have an out of spec trigger or frame. I don't have much side to side play and it was about the same when I swapped out the trigger for the shorter reach type. If you have a caliper, I can measure the one I have to compare if yours is within spec. Perhaps the pivot pin hole is too large? :shrug:

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