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ROOS_HAPPENS 01-14-2013 2:02 PM

Newsletter size???
Hello. I have a question about the size of the monthly "The Firing Line" publication - Email version.
Today I received a letter from the NRA advising me that a free 1 year CRPA membership was available to NRA members, and that the monthly newsletter was part of the package.
The reason I ask is that I'm on a dialup connection, and I was wondering about the size of the newsletter in mb's, because of my IP's lack of speed
& 5mb Email limit.
Thanks in advance.

jdberger 01-14-2013 8:57 PM

The newsletter is about 30 pages long. with all the text and graphics, it might be more than 5mb. You might want to sign up for a free email account (gmail, hotmail, yahoo) and have the newsletter directed there.

Good luck.

Sunday 03-27-2013 4:15 PM

I have beed a life member for many years and I don't see the need for a monthly Firing Line Every 2 months would be fine.

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