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Jeepers 01-14-2013 1:52 PM

U-verse Vs Cable
so how is the U-verse service ?

i just received a letter from AT&T saying my area is high traffic and is switching to U-verse and they will provide the equipment for free and price match(for a year) our current DSL and match or better the speed of 6 Mbps and up my monthly download limit from 150 gb to 250 gb and i do need that as i hit the limit monthly but have not been charged extra fees yet ..

so how is U-verse service when compared to DSL and Cable ?

thinking its a good time to look at other options seeing as i have to swap equipment and service anyways ...

ljgrasso 01-14-2013 9:37 PM

Please read this link


I have battled with issues since ATT forced me to change from DSL to Uverse

maurice05 01-16-2013 4:54 AM

Uverse is as good as the cables feeding it in your area or from your phone terminal to where the modem(Rg) is placed

Sac-AR15 01-16-2013 5:38 AM


Originally Posted by maurice05 (Post 10224499)
Uverse is as good as the cables feeding it in your area or from your phone terminal to where the modem(Rg) is placed

^^^ This. Uverse is cery sensitive when it comes to clean signal feeding your house. It has to be clean. DSL will work off ok lines with no issues. Switching to Uverse will allow better speed but still depends on the distance just like DSL. What they're offering you is still DSL but they're calling it IPDSL. Still fed from the central office. Unless you're close enough to the fiber box so you can have regular Uverse service because now you're eliminating a lot of copper usage.

Jeepers 01-16-2013 10:17 AM

thanks guys...

i am a bit apprehensive now from what you all say and what i found surfing as i live in a old old apartment and the orig lines are noisy as hell and even drop my DSL at time when someone calls ...grrrrrr might have to see how much it would cost to pull a new line ....

LAL6 01-16-2013 11:04 AM

I got Uverse when it was brand new in my neighborhood. It worked with no problems at first, but it's seemed to get progressively slower over the 4 years that I've had it. I can barely watch a youtube video right now. I have the Max Plus Internet (advertised as 18mbps)

ibanezfoo 01-16-2013 12:04 PM

It really depends on your area. It kind of sucks in my area. I use Time Warner Cable instead, its cheaper and faster. No caps or anything either. Now, some guys at work have U-verse and they claim to love it and that its super fast and stable, tops out at 20 meg where they are (same uverse speed for me but my cable is 35 meg).

I'd say its worth trying as long as theres no contract and you can back out if it doesn't work well for you.

AAShooter 01-16-2013 12:19 PM

You may want to consider the video quality between the two as well.

67goat 01-16-2013 6:51 PM

If you have a decent cable provider, I would go with that for Internet. Comcast does 16Gb and higher, has a 250GB cap (they don't even enforce it in my area), and cable has enough bandwidth to deal with everything. U-verse is really kind of pushing the limit of old phone line.

savannah 01-16-2013 7:00 PM

I have had a different experience than many here with U-Verse. For the most part, I am happy with the service and customer service. I have had a few issues with freezing picture and U-verse has always been there the next day to fix it. That being said, many of their service guys aren't trained as well as they should be. It has taken a couple of visits to fix the problems. But, they do it at no cost. The things I do like is the ease of use, DVR that has been excellent and great phone service until problems are fixed. If you hate U-Verse in your area, you aren't under contract and you can quit anytime you want without a early termination fee. I have had local cable, Dish and Direct tv. I will stick with U-Verse. I have had it now for about six years.

TainoWarrior 01-16-2013 8:36 PM

I work for AT&T it simple the lines that were made with 26g wire was only for dial tone. Now that same wire is pushing data that causes pixilation and freezing and slow internet speed. I deal with trouble tickets all day same problem from SD to Orange county on neighborhoods with new wiring with 22g U-verse wire work better and less problems.

maurice05 01-16-2013 10:01 PM

Taino are you prem or mst

mavericksun 01-17-2013 7:45 PM

I use u-verse instead of dsl due to speed considerations. I don't use cable internet because the way Comcast had it set up, you were on the same open router as your neighbors so if you didn't protect your own router, someone else can access your machines. I don't know if they closed that security issue. I would not suggest using U-verse for HD TV if you have more than two HD TVs in your home. The lines usually do not have enough bandwidth to support multiple HD signals. All of this really depends on the type of cables in your neighborhood and in your home. When I had U-verse installed, they said my phones lines were not enough to make it work. I had DSL running on them before. So I asked them what cables do they need and how much they would charge for it. $150 to run a CAT5 cable from my feed box to where I wanted the service. I told them I'll do it. Went to Fry's and bought CAT6 cable and installed it myself. Called U-verse back and they had no problem with the install after that.

TainoWarrior 01-17-2013 7:55 PM


Originally Posted by maurice05 (Post 10230979)
Taino are you prem or mst


maurice05 01-18-2013 5:51 AM

Me too I work out of one of the la garages

den888 01-18-2013 5:16 PM

Had it for many years and quite reliable. AT&T raises prices, though, with no explanation.

gunboat 01-19-2013 9:17 PM

i have it -- the wifi is really poor ---constant disconnects, very slow connections. the speed and signal strength vary from 6 to 54 and low low to very good -- Time of day or perhaps number of users is the issue -
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baffomet 02-01-2013 12:57 PM

As mentioned by another posted, it depends on how close/far you are to the central office and in my case, how old your home is. My home was built in the 1920's and the cabling of the telephone wire is shoddy at best.

For us it was a no brainer to go with cable since it's cheaper (based on our plan), we don't have to worry about central office distance (where we were far from), and the wiring of our place. I'd recommend going to to see how far you are from your CO and some of the issues involved with the internet service side (if it's a priority).

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