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vorra65 01-12-2013 11:27 AM

Magnifier question
Have a 6x32 Leapers, that could use some help for my old eyes. :oji:

Would a magnifier work for something like this for 100 yds and out?

If yes, maybe some recommendations?

Spending more for better optics is the real answer, but would be nice to improve on the view until I can make that much larger purchase.


LBDamned 01-13-2013 1:44 AM

six times magnification should easily get you to 100 yds (and beyond)... if you are having difficulty, it's probably not your eyes (or age) - but more likely low quality optic.

There are lots of threads on this forum (and throughout the internet) with detailed info/reviews... you might want to determine spending limit and go from there (it doesn't have to be a lot - but of course cost is relative).

But to address you question directly - no, a magnifier isn't the answer... in fact magnifying a magnified optic will most likely further distort.

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