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shooterm1 01-12-2013 5:21 AM

"The Banic" @ M. B. Retting
here's a note that I received this morning about the fast times at MBR ...

"Went into M.B. Retting's, and the inventory was low. They have 300 people on a waiting list just to purchase a black rifle. They are telling customers to get on Facebook and Retting will mail customers through Facebook when they receive new inventory. D--g told me they received 20 black rilfes the other day, sent the notices via Facebook, and they were sold out of them in just over an hour. They got 5 more in yesterday, and they were gone in 10 minutes!"

gogohopper 03-20-2013 1:05 PM

I popped in there for the first time today. Lunch time, so it wasn't too bad. Noticed they had a new Persuader with PG and stock for $339.00

I think that's a decent price, for those that may be interested.

Picked up two boxes of 38 Special FMJ for my Ruger.

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