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67goat 01-08-2013 9:04 PM

New shop opening in Manteca
By Jamba Juice on Yosemite and 99. Looks close to opening, but no opening date or note on the door. Of course, with everything going on I wonder if he can even get inventory to open. Place is called Shotgun Johnny's. A guy at Barnwood said he used to work there.

jmust1991 01-08-2013 9:10 PM

Yes, I spoke with the owner. The shop is scheduled to open Monday , January 21. Unsure of inventory, other than he has a decent amount of Colt Pistols in stock to sell. I wish him the best of luck.

67goat 01-08-2013 9:13 PM

I assume a shotgun or two.... :18:

jmust1991 01-21-2013 6:29 PM

Anybody been by yet?

67goat 01-23-2013 10:52 PM

Went in earlier today. A few handguns, some rifles, most calibers of ammo (but not a huge selection per caliber, some with only one choice). Plenty of mags (standard LGS high price) and holsters.

They seem like nice guys.

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