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dmendoza1779 01-04-2013 2:19 PM


I just received a letter for my POST exam for SFPD. Any LEOs out there that could give me tips on how to prepare for this examination? I'm excited and at the same time nervous.

Thank you

BoJackUSMC 01-04-2013 2:51 PM

Get a good night sleep before the test and try to stay relax much as possible.

CasperSYTFU 01-09-2013 10:27 AM

That will give you an idea of what to expect.
Good luck, I take mine this Saturday.

Pistolgrip Pump 01-09-2013 12:19 PM

Not a LEO, but I just took mine and it is alot of reading and interpreting type stuff. That's as much as I'm willing to disclose, sorry!

BayLegend 01-09-2013 2:33 PM

I've taken quite a few POST written tests over the past year. It mainly consists of grammar, spelling and reading comprehension. Just take your time reading through everything and like BoJack said, get a good nights rest. Also if your test is at 8am, eat a good hearty breakfast beforehand since the test can take up to 3-4 hours and will likely tire out your brain.

Pistolgrip Pump 01-09-2013 5:12 PM

Not sure if its the same test but I was alotted either 2 and a half or 3 hours and finished in 1 hour. Good luck! It's pretty basic stuff.

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