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madstyle1 01-04-2013 12:56 PM

My AR Build is done

Spikes stripped lower
Magpul CTR stock
Magpul BUS
Magpul grip
Adcor Bear Elite 16" complete upper

Jazeronthelaser 01-04-2013 1:00 PM


lilro 01-04-2013 1:06 PM

Nice rifle. Sights are backwards though.

madstyle1 01-04-2013 1:13 PM

Ya I notice that when I took the pictures.. Lol I fixed it already ..

mlevans66 01-06-2013 6:59 PM

Looks good! Now get ammo, ammo, range time, ammo, optic, ammo, training and oh yeah if I did not not mention it...ammo. :D

moneymike 01-16-2013 10:29 PM

Awesome. Is that an adjustable gas block?

kurby09 01-16-2013 10:54 PM

Nice build.

madstyle1 01-17-2013 1:29 AM

@Moneymike i believe it does, im still new on the AR side and according to adcor it has an adjustable gas regulator. Not sure if thats the same.

stix213 01-17-2013 3:37 AM

I like that quad rail. You sticking with irons for a while, or you going with another optic?

madstyle1 01-17-2013 7:24 AM

Sticking with irons for now... I want to get used to them first then i will look into an acog scope

chozenfew805 01-18-2013 7:15 PM


SR-71 BLACKBIRD 01-19-2013 1:19 AM

Nice piston gun you have there.

Mottmcfly 01-19-2013 2:01 AM


1MAG1KiLL 01-19-2013 3:03 AM

Notice the side charging handle

the dashing ham 01-23-2013 5:29 PM

Nice build. Love to hear a report on how that Adcor upper runs - been eyeballing one myself for a while.

I read around that some early adopters were noticing that the side charging handle wasn't standing up well to being released as it snapped back to the full-forward position - whatever stop it was hitting was dinging it up pretty well and chewing up metal.

Have you gotten yours to the range yet?

Plisk 01-23-2013 5:48 PM

The MBUS sights are ones that I actually prefer them (at least the rear) to be mounted in reverse. If you look at the MBUS rear from the reversed angle, the pivoting piece that restricts the peep-hole to your "day-sight" is conical from that angle. From the intended rear POV, it's a flat surface with a aperture through it, which is fine it works perfectly. But if we remember our M1/M14 match sights and our M16 small aperture 'day-sight' it had a recessed or conical shape to it in order to recess the aperture to reduce glare and help us gain a better sight picture.

Try your MBUS rear sight mounted both ways, see if one may work better for you.

madstyle1 01-23-2013 8:49 PM

I will shoot it this saturday and will have a report on it... Im having a hard time finding ammo for it right now. Im hoping i can get some ammo before saturday

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