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Barney Fife 01-03-2013 6:45 PM

Anyone here with Win 8 experience?
I have a desktop and a laptop both with Win 8. The laptop came with it installed and the desktop is an upgrade from Win XP Home.

The laptop plays all but two or three of my older 32 bit games.
The desktop wont play practically any of my games.

I'm not sure why.

orchard 01-03-2013 7:41 PM

Was the desktop 32 bit or 64 bit?
Did you run the compatibility test tool?

After upgrading my laptop from xp-win8, I had to reinstall a couple of programs.

NorCalXJ 01-03-2013 8:37 PM

Win8 probably doesn't support them.

SWalt 01-03-2013 9:07 PM

I have windows 8 on both my computers....its great if you like a cell phone format


But try the compatibility worked 1 time for me......didn't work the other times. Or just click on properties and change it to a past windows OS

MA2 01-03-2013 9:19 PM

Install Classic Shell, for the old style menu.

I will prob. not touch Win8 (same went for Vista), I tend skip an upgrade.
Still on XP, and 7 on the laptop (still dislike 7).

soul 01-03-2013 9:40 PM

If it was working on Windows 7 it will work in Windows 8. Try right click on executable > Properties > Compatibility mode and select earlier version and try.

The other issue in some cases is DEP restriction, the game can be configured in the system settings as exception for DEP. This is enhanced security mode, which is enabled by default causing issues with some applications.

All in all it is a great OS and much improvements over Windows 7. Pick up some mouse, keyboard tricks and you will be more productive.

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Barney Fife 01-04-2013 10:02 AM

I've tried all the standard compatibility stuff, these progs work fine on my win 8 laptop, but not on my upgraded win 8 desktop. Laptop is 64 bit, desktop is 32 bit. All the progs worked fine on the desktop before the upgrade and I reinstalled them from scratch, but each has issues and can't get them to run.

I'm wondering if it's a win 8 video driver issue.

oldsmoboat 01-06-2013 2:16 PM


walterwhite 01-07-2013 8:43 PM

Check to see if your desktop Hard Drive is formated NTFS or FAT32?

Older XP system hard drives were formatted using FAT32. I am not sure why your games wouldn't work but at least it is something you can check.

clsA 01-09-2013 2:32 PM

I recently installed Quake - Quake II and Duke 3D on my windows 8 system and they run extremely well (128gb Solid state HDD + 8gig ram + Geforce 470) These games never seen it so good :).

I'm not sure what you have going on ...maybe a backup and clean install instead of an upgrade may help.

soul 10-14-2013 6:13 PM

Try two things, one is run the setup in compatibility mode by right click on setup.exe and selecting compatibility option The second most common issue is DEP setting, which can be disabled for this particular program. Win8 is fully compatible with 7, so it will work

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the86d 10-15-2013 3:38 AM

Always do a clean install of Windows, never upgrade.

You might notice some more issues start to creep-up too, like every "upgrade" of M$ products.

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