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StrikeIndustries 01-02-2013 5:30 PM

Strike Industries Simple Plate Carrier!

The idea behind The SI SPC is simple. We wanted to create an easy and cost effective way to know safety and security can be with you anywhere, anytime. The SI Simple Plate Carrier was designed to allow the user with a basic, yet multifunctional form of protection. It is both strong and roomy enough to carry one SI Strike Plate and a laptop or various similar dimensioned items. It can be worn in several fashions and manipulated to adapter to almost any situation. It’s made from durable nylon with molle woven attachments that have a top layer of Velcro. The inner lining is padded and has reinforced mesh to separate the SI plates from other items. The back of the carrier features a hand strap to convert it into a shield type device. It’s light weight, slim, inconspicuous, and best of all very affordable!

Package include:

1X Simple Plate Carrier

2X Straps


•Multi functional, multipurpose
•MOLLE weaved with a velcro layer
•Constructed from light weight and durable nylon
•Inner lining with padded mesh to separate laptop and plates

Can be converted to provide 7 main functions:

•Laptop Carrier
•Messenger bag
•Center strap to use as a shield
•Plate carrier, Normal or cross pattern straps
•Placed in vehicle’s side door or window for armor protection
•Add a second SPC and use for front and back plate carriers

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