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vantec08 01-02-2013 7:07 AM

"safer" ammo

Executives with a Boise-based company are poised to begin marketing a new type of ammunition specifically for law enforcement teams and designed to avoid causing serious or fatal injuries to their targets and bystanders.

db42 01-02-2013 7:12 AM

Well that's stupid.
Lots of targets don't go down when they're hit with real ammo; what makes them think that rubber ammo is better?

the86d 01-02-2013 8:22 AM

LEO only?

Would that make the US safer? :)

vantec08 01-02-2013 10:58 AM

So. . .. when an LEO needs "fatal" ammo, does he have time to change magazines, or does he carry regular HPs and pocket a spare magazine of rubber bullets?? wtf?

Tempus 01-04-2013 10:15 AM

I highly doubt anyone is changing out pistol mags since the article clearly says this is a 12ga round,.

CaptGrumpy 01-04-2013 12:14 PM

They are a little late getting into the game as law enforcement already used a beanbag round that is super efficient at doing what this company is trying to sell. It still injures the suspect but is far from fatal and takes the subject out. Sacramento City PD SWAT team used these rounds to subdue a barricaded murder suspect in late November after the suspect killed a Sacramento County Animal Control Officer in Galt. There were SWAT officers backing up the beanbag rounds with lethal force in case things went wrong. LEOs will never put a no lethal round into a sidearm which is their lifeline for survival. That would be like having them use those snakeshot rounds from CCI.

Yes, Sacramento PD Swat was used for this incident even though it occurred in a town out in the county.

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