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El Toro 01-01-2013 7:34 PM

Need recipe - Mag SPP for 9mm
What is a safe load for 9mm using W231, 124gr plated Xtreme, and Federal no. 200 Magnum pistol primers? I also have Unique as an option.

Im not lubing and my OCL is 1.167

Ive read a bunch of threads regarding using MSPP and most say to backoff a little and you're safe. Im just not sure if the MSPP are too hot for the W231. Dont want a squib or worse. :eek:

cycle61 01-01-2013 8:03 PM

You couldn't find any regular SPP either, huh?

El Toro 01-01-2013 8:18 PM

nope. Googled using mag primers in 9mm and the consensus is 90% good to go. There are some key issues such as possible bolt face erosion but sounds like many guys have never experienced this while only 1-2 have for certain.

Im using a plated bullet and all I have right now is w231 and unique. I want to be sure the mag primer, bullet weight and powder characteristics are compatible. Not sure of myself yet. ;)

Bill Steele 01-01-2013 8:58 PM

You will be OK using magnum primers with W231, it is a very well behaved powder. Keep the loads down around Hodgdon start levels, which looking at Hodgdon's data for a similar weight bullet looks like 4.4gr. You shouldn't see any breech face erosion with those primers at that load level.

Hodgdon lists 3.9gr as the start load for a lead bullet of that weight, so if you wanted to be extra careful, you could start there and work up, maybe use the mid-4's as your max. 3.9gr may or may not cycle your gun so don't load a ton in that range to start.

Your load length also gives you a little extra margin.

GeoffLinder 01-02-2013 12:20 AM

3.8-4.2 grain at 1.135" OAL will be a safe recipe to start. 4.5-4.6gr is a good snappy load and 4.8gr is about max you want to consider.

BTW, 1.167" OAL is a bit long to load 9mm for a semi-auto. Most magazines limit OAL to about 1.160" range. Under that by a bit is best for function. A good OAL range for 9mm using a 124gr is about 1.120" to 1.145" range.

El Toro 01-02-2013 4:40 PM

Thanks guys. The Hodgdon site gave 1.169 which is long I'll admit. My Xtreme RNs almost fall out at that length :D

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