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movie zombie 01-01-2013 8:46 AM

happy new year!
wishing you and yours the very best of everything in 2013....despite the fact that 2013 sounds so very "sci-fi" to me! we are now firmly planted in the 21st century!

me? i'm planning to get up and move away from the keyboard more often....and get more range time in!:D

beb 01-01-2013 2:40 PM

Happy New Year!


rimfire78 01-01-2013 3:02 PM

Happy New Year. Never seen a thirteen in the date before (in my lifetime). It is weird.

BonnieB 01-02-2013 11:57 AM

Happy New Year to all, good health, dear friends, joy and plenty.

(BTW, unless you live to be old, no one ever sees more than one year containing 13 in the number... :D:D )

586L-Frame 02-05-2013 10:08 AM

Hi MZ,
Hiappy New Year!
586L-Frame :)

movie zombie 02-05-2013 7:22 PM

:clap: long time no see, 586L!

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