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DS94901 12-30-2012 9:35 PM

Recommend a reloading kit for 7.62x39, and others..
Looking for a recommendation on a reloading kit without breaking the bank. Seems like Lee has some good kits but I'd like to try and order everything I need at once. Can anyone recommend a good kit and a list of any other parts i'll need?

I'm mainly interested in reloading 7.62x39, 5.45x39, possibly even 9mm and .40

checkenbach 12-30-2012 10:25 PM

With all due respect, I think it's nuts to reload the rifle calibers listed, as most of this is Berdan primed, but some (Fiocchi and domestic 7.62x39) are boxer primed, no idea about 5.45x39. Also, my SKS destroyed my brass, my buds AK isn't kind to brass either. I use a Hornady LNL for pistol stuff, great press.

b.faust 12-31-2012 12:54 AM

Funny you should post this, I've had a few friends ask me about reloading for Russian Surp lately as well.

It's like reloading anything else, read the reloading forum here, look into some good books on reloading (ABC's of Reloading is a good starting book)
Read and research first.
This is also my favorite reloading link here:

Based on your reading you'll know what you'll need.
(Press, dies, trimmer, tumbler, etc etc)

As Checkenback stated though, pretty much all the surplus ammo you have or can get is Berden primed (without very special tools it's impossible to reload, and from what I understand, a total pain even with the right tools.)

You can buy boxer brass, but it's pricey.

And at the risk of an entirely negative post, getting primers and powder right now will be about as much fun as finding ready to go ammunition.

So short, yes it can be done, and if you're worried about the plug getting pulled on cheap combloc ammo, then by all means start learning.

johnny1290 12-31-2012 4:09 AM

7.62x39 brass almost may as well buy the expensisve ammo and just save the brass its so expensive.

5.45 I haven't heard of anybody reloading, or of any brass cases.

.40 is probably good bang for your buck reloading wise. I reload 9mm and save a little money, but not a ton.

If you want to save money, .223 is good and so is .308 or something. Brass is just tough to get for the Russkie calibers.

klewan 12-31-2012 8:56 AM

They've been playing around with reloading 5.45x39 for about 4 years at With the Commie ammo somewhat still around, hard to justify the effort.

Full Clip 12-31-2012 9:37 AM

I've been reloading x39 over the past 4 years.
Finding once-fired brass isn't so hard (I've stockpiled about 2K pieces) in part because so few people DO reload it.
Saying it's not worth the time to reload x39 is somewhat myopic unless you're comparing your effort/costs to top-quality brass-cased ammo rather than the same cheap import stuff. A box of Hornaday Z-Max runs for better than $21 a box (if you can find any). I can make it for less than $6 per 20.
And I'm reloading for my x39 AR, so the gained accuracy of my reloads over that of Wolf, Tula, etc. is quite apparent.

DS94901 12-31-2012 4:31 PM

Thanks for the advice everybody. I realize it isn't a huge $$$ saver and not necessarily an easy reload but I'm just interested in the event that there is a shortage and if I can end up with a good method of reloading quality rounds over the increasingly hard to find and overpriced "cheap" stuff, it would be nice to have the option.

Vlad 11 12-31-2012 6:16 PM

With all due respect, anytime you add to your reloading caliber repertoire you are making a wise move.

Socalman 01-01-2013 9:47 PM

7.62X39 brass is out there, you just have to look for it. As more of the steel cased ammo goes up in price, more people will buy the brass cased stuff and it will become easier to find along the line. A buddy of mine had the dies for reloading 7.62X39 but they went bye-bye when he needed rent money.

Irish_Man 01-02-2013 10:02 AM

I have been reloading 7.62x39 for an AK for a bit now. I can make top of the line Hornady 123gr rounds for about $6.50 per 20. I can make some nice plinking ammo for about $3.00 a box of 20. I think it's getting to the point where it makes total sense to reload Ruski ammo. The stuff I see at my local stores is well above $6 a box of 20 Wolf ammo..

I'm currently in the process of collecting up some 7.62x54R brass to reload for my Dragonov, cause that milsurp ammo is crazy expensive now in my neck of the woods.

If you can collect up some brass it is well worth it..

SKSDan 01-02-2013 10:35 AM

Ive had good results reloading x39 with the lee three piece die set.

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