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mystic 12-29-2012 4:23 PM

WTT: 308 match for 7.62x51
I have 500 rds of 308 168gr hp bt match ammo I want to trade for equal 7.62x51. Why? Because the gun is a semi auto chambered for the later.

100 rds of Parvi Partizan
200 rds MCC
200 rds Federal

SF south bay area. Not interested in selling (even at these crazy prices) and not interested in shipping.

PM if interested.

ASD1 12-29-2012 6:20 PM

offer sent

fguerra 12-29-2012 9:02 PM

I have a unopened 140 round South African battle pack plus another 3 boxes to make it 200 I'll trade you for the Federal ammo. Is the federal the 168gr gold medal match?

6mmintl 12-30-2012 4:31 AM

I have LC M118 special ball if interested.

covingtonhouse 12-30-2012 10:01 AM

I have some SSA 168gr 7.62 hpbt and some Federal GM762. Only if what you are trading is Federal GM308M. If interested, PM and I will open the stash for a count.

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