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GeeDog 12-29-2012 12:48 PM

Getting brass back into circulation
I don't shoot a lot, but over time I've built up a couple hundred rounds of .44 mag brass, maybe 40+ - rounds of 30-06, some 30-30 and maybe a little .30 cal. from the carbine. I tend to hold onto it, for some crazy reason, although I don't reload and likely won't start. I live in San Jose, and if anybody could use it, I'd be happy to give it to them. This may not be the right forum, and I hope brass isn't so hard to get that I get PM'd by a hundred people, but if someone wanted to arrange to do a quick stop-over, I'd be happy to give it to them at the door.

Sully 12-29-2012 5:07 PM

If nobody responds, consider recycl

Malthusian 12-29-2012 5:12 PM

PM Sent

Southpaw45 12-29-2012 5:14 PM

I will take it in a heart beat. Can you deliver it to Tracy?

jk--- I'm sure you will find a closer customer...

ptmn 12-29-2012 6:15 PM

If you want to learn to reload, I have a portable set up to load some of that brass

GeeDog 12-30-2012 9:42 AM

Got a taker. Thanks. Me and gun powder don't mix. That long ash hanging off my cigarette could lead to problems.

3006mv 12-31-2012 7:07 AM

thanks for sharing with some lucky reloader.

quit smoking 2013
start reloading 2013

Malthusian 12-31-2012 12:35 PM


Thanks for the brass, It is already being put to good use

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