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pacifico23 12-27-2012 8:12 AM

Anyone use Grooveshark, the online Music player?
Omg! Just found this site. In my opinion its way better than Pandora, Youtube, Spotify or any of the other music players. Its basically your own free itunes. But with extra benefits. Like you can search peoples playlists, celeb playlists, make your own, also make our own radio stations etc. In my opinion I think Grooveshark took all the good things of Pandora, Spotify and itunes and combined it into one kick arse site!!

I would totally check it out. So what music players do you guys use?

socal-shooter 12-27-2012 8:43 AM

I've used it for years now, I still go back to pandora to listen to custom stations , the algorithm they use seems to turn me on to better new music

omgwtfbbq 12-27-2012 9:09 AM

I've used it for some time. The only downside is the amount of ads. Some of the ads contain malware than can cause your browser to temporary block the entire page. Other than that though, so so much better than Pandora.

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