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ldao4 12-23-2012 11:53 AM

Final Price drop $350* Fire Sale Interceptor w/Plates
Need to get rid of these

I have a size medium Interceptor Vest with Sapi Plates.

The plates were manufactured in 07/2002 and they are Size Medium. I believe they are level 3 plates but in conjunction with the vest it is a level 4 set up. They are marked 7.62mm M-80 Ball Protection. Pictures are below. The plates were given to me while I was doing some contracting work and I never used them because I ended up getting issued E-Sapi's.

Looking to get $550 $450 $400 $375 $350 but maybe willing to incorporate some .40 cal ammo into the deal or an iphone 5 as a trade for the armor. I am located in North Hollywood and would like to make this a local sale in LA or OC.

Send your offers!

ldao4 12-24-2012 10:44 AM

BUMP with a holiday prince drop

ldao4 12-25-2012 8:50 AM

BUMP send me any offers

ldao4 12-26-2012 7:58 AM

BUMP with final price drop

ldao4 12-27-2012 1:33 PM


ldao4 12-28-2012 12:41 PM


ldao4 01-01-2013 8:11 PM


ldao4 01-03-2013 6:38 PM

2 plates front and rear- medium size

ldao4 01-04-2013 11:25 AM


ldao4 01-05-2013 8:36 AM

BUMP with final price drop looking for cash right now

ldao4 01-06-2013 10:33 AM


Nochancecp 01-07-2013 9:29 AM

( very interested )
Call me (562) 400- two o nine seven ( very interested )

ldao4 01-07-2013 6:41 PM


gc61132l 01-07-2013 7:55 PM


ldao4 01-07-2013 8:24 PM

lol wish it were the case brother.....just want to get rid of them at this point

gc61132l 01-08-2013 9:50 AM


ldao4 01-09-2013 7:54 PM


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