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SilverSellout 12-22-2012 3:17 AM

Anyone still looking for a stripped lower?
I waited too long and ended up calling around yesterday when I was getting off work to see if I could find anything resembling an AR. I was pleasantly surprised that Discount Gun Mart on Morena blvd had some lowers in stock.

They had a box of a dozen or so sitting behind the counter when I left there last night. (Territorial SLR15)

Turners should have more in a "couple weeks"...

Might be helpful for some...

rromeo 12-22-2012 3:25 AM


SilverSellout 12-22-2012 3:32 AM

I think I paid 159.

freonr22 12-22-2012 3:37 AM


Originally Posted by Chaos47 (Post 9982484)
No idea if its true but someone posted in the Turners subforum that they are getting 3k PSA lowers next week. Post says they are taking deposits for 109...



reachoutar 12-22-2012 7:36 AM

turners in oxnard had lowers last night for 130.00

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