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rocketsci 12-19-2012 2:35 PM

2013 Appleseeds in Piru?
I just checked the Appleseed website, and there are currently no Piru events scheduled for 2013. Are there plans to continue these events in 2013?

Thank you!

rconnerley 12-19-2012 3:30 PM

:D Yes, there will definitely be Appleseed events at Piru in 2013. The new schedule is not posted up yet. Keep checking back, it should be out soon.

Can any of the local crew chime in with specifics about Piru dates?

rocketsci 12-20-2012 3:43 PM


I've had to move my scheduled shoot twice this year due to family medical issues, so I'm really looking forward to actually making it in 2013!


rconnerley 12-29-2012 10:25 PM

2013 Piru schedule is now up:

rocketsci 01-07-2013 3:02 PM

Thank you!

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