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Flyliner 12-19-2012 7:46 AM

Opinions on AT&T U-verse?
We currently have AT&T DSL @6mb/s and need to up that as we both will be using the connection for telecommuting needs.

ATT can up my speed by switching to Uverse @18mb/s for only $18/mo more that what I pay now which I'm fine with since the cost is paid by the office. The modem will need to be switch out which they said is the only equipment change.

So, what is your experiences with Uverse? I'm not really familiar with what it is, they say nothing will really change except get faster speeds.

Currently I use my own Netgear DSL modem/router and don't use the AT&T supplied modem/router. I'd like to do the same with the new setup if possible. At least disable the wireless/router functions of the supplied AT&T modem and use my own. Anyone know if that can be done with the Uverse modem/router?


cfm117 12-19-2012 9:24 AM

I've had it for a few years already. Haven't had any outages as of yet. I got 12M package and it's always steady on speed at 11900k or so. I also run a Linksys behind mine for wireless. Yes you can turn off wireless and put it in DMZ mode if you wish. I just disabled DHCP on mine and let Linksys to all the IP work.

jimmyeatsworld 12-19-2012 9:34 AM

I was in your shoes a month ago just for the Internet service.

I kept it for a week.

maurice05 12-19-2012 9:34 AM

I'm a uverse installer so yes you can disable the wifi function in the rg(modem) primary issue I see with installs are bad inside wiring cat 5 is preferred direct from your nid which is where your phone wires meet the feed from att, feel free to message me any questions

ElDub1950 12-19-2012 9:46 AM

I had uverse for a couple of years. Only a couple of 5 second outages.

Not sure I see any benefit of adding a 2nd router. The router & wireless that comes in the uverse box works great.

ibanezfoo 12-19-2012 10:56 AM

IF it works well in your area its worth it. I have some people at work who love it (works perfect), others than hate it(unreliable). Make sure you get them to put in the contract somewhere that if it doesn't work for you, you can drop it without any penalties.

nothinghere2c 12-19-2012 10:57 AM

its decent. I just have comcast because its faster

boar308 12-19-2012 11:30 AM

I had it while i was living down in carlsbad last year. It was really fast, and really cheep. If they provided it out in Victorville i would still have it.

Flyliner 12-19-2012 1:58 PM

Thanks guys. I'm going to look at what Comcast & Time Warner have to offer also..

Flyliner 12-19-2012 1:58 PM

Thanks guys. I'm going to look at what Comcast & Time Warner have to offer also..

2shotjoe 12-19-2012 2:16 PM

Had it for a month, went back to cable.

lt05deluxe 12-19-2012 2:20 PM

Go with Comcast!

Flyliner 12-19-2012 3:55 PM


Originally Posted by lt05deluxe (Post 9961396)
Go with Comcast!

Called Comcast, they said the provider in my area is Time Warner.... No Comcast here it seems...

Invectivus 12-19-2012 3:58 PM

we really liked Uverse when we had it, but moved away to a bad cable area. i'll get it again in a heartbeat when i can.

as for configuration options, i never did anything special with it, just used the stock setup.

gunsmoke50 12-19-2012 4:36 PM

My gf had it when I moved in. It worked fine for awhile. Then it would just stop working. We'd call att to send out a guy to fix it, and it would be fine for a few days, then stop working again.

We repeated the process a few times, getting charged for the service calls, until the technician levelled with us. Turns out that the home office decided that our single twisted pair didn't have enough bandwidth for the phone and internet, so they would turn the connection off at their end each time the tech would activate it.

After a somewhat heated conversation with the manager, AT&T generously offerred to pull a second line at the bargain cost of $60 per hour of labor, with no estimate as to how long the job would take. All while still charging us for service that hadn't worked right for a month.

We cancelled the service we weren't getting and had Comcast in a week.

It used to be that Comcast and AT&T were pretty even in how crap their service was. Comcast has gotten much better, while AT&T is actually worse, though I didn't believe it possible.

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Rob454 12-20-2012 5:43 PM

I had u-verse for a while i would say 6 years or so. Still do. Never had any issues and its plenty fast for anything I need. I also have the TV I dropped the phone and went with a VOIP

nine mil thrill 12-21-2012 3:53 AM

i have had uverse since 2008. it has been rock complaints. in todays' market, you can't beat it for the price.

vmwerks 12-21-2012 6:08 AM

3 years running and wouldn't change unless you had me at gunpoint. You can upgrade downgrade at will, no hassles or silly phone calls, I do it online.

FABIO GETS GOOSED!!! 12-21-2012 7:01 PM

Big improvement over the 6mbps DSL we had before. We didn't choose to switch, we got a letter saying we had to, but I have no complaints. Here is a link with some instructions how to configure the U-verse residential gateway (see esp. posts 2 and 7):

Davigluns 12-26-2012 2:41 AM

Haven't had any failures as of yet. I got 12M program and it's always stable on rate at 11900k or so. I also run a Linksys behind my own for wi-fi. Yes you can convert off wi-fi and put it in DMZ method if you wish. I just impaired DHCP on my own and let Linksys to all the IP perform.

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akcooper9 12-26-2012 4:06 AM


Originally Posted by ElDub1950 (Post 9958763)
Not sure I see any benefit of adding a 2nd router. The router & wireless that comes in the uverse box works great.

Much easier to control routing for network devices etc

Harknii 12-26-2012 6:57 AM

Love my 24mbs for Netflix, downloading podcasts, YouTube etc. 2 outages in 4yrs. The last one was last week and lasted 1hr. Only problem is if I am connected to other devices on the network and the Play Station gets turned on. Then my wi-fi drops to limited connectivity frequently and I have to keep diconnecting and re-connecting.

den888 12-26-2012 7:13 AM

I have had it since 2007 or 2008 when the service first started. It is pretty reliable, but AT&T has a way of increasing the price (5-8%) every year. They also reduce channels without notifying you. Customer service is pretty good, though.

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