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ArkinDomino 12-18-2012 1:36 PM inventory...
Sorry if this has been discussed but I can't find a thread/post and riflegear isn't answering phones.

Does the website actually have real-time status of what's in stock? I wanted to buy some stuff and I wanted to make sure the stuff is in stock.

Riflegear 12-18-2012 1:56 PM

Yes. There have been bandwidth issues with our phone system, it's possible too, that with the volume of orders (several hundred already today) the phones cannot be answered, as all reps are previously engaged. I will make a sticky about the stock/inventory.

shark92651 12-20-2012 6:18 AM

Our system downloads orders every 15 minutes and then calculates inventory levels, based on web orders and sales in the store, and then uploads stock status to the website. This update happens every 15 minutes. Items that are "built as needed", such as complete lowers or some of our upper assemblies, show as "In Stock" if we have all the parts. If one part is out of stock, the entire assembly is out of stock. It works pretty well, but sometimes our inventory can be off and we do occasionally oversell an item. Also, if you don't refresh the product page you could be seeing an old "In Stock" message when the last item may have just been sold (or the next stock update hasn't yet run). One other caveat, let's suppose we have only 1 left of a particular item, the system will let you add Qty 2 or more to the order and check out, but you would not be notified until someone here processes your order and discovers the issue.

JohnnyBangBang 12-20-2012 3:13 PM

I have been checking stock on CA ARs all day long for a couple days and signed up for notices if they come in and haven't seen anything...

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