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elhefe50ss 12-12-2012 7:16 PM

Placer county Shoots
Hey fellow cal-gunners im looking to put together some shoots for all cal-gunners in the Sacramento area, but with the people in placer county (I.E. Roseville Rocklin Loomis auburn Lincoln etc.) Id like to do some meet and greet no pressure shoots , Pro to Novice are invited . Like i said im looking to get it going and am looking for input . I was thinking revolver shoots, shotguns , ww1-ww2 rifles , AK or saiga shoots in the future . If your interested in coming send me a pm so i can make up a list to contact . Also like i said all cal-gunners are invited to be involved, but i live pretty far from sac valley shooting center , and i know theirs a lot of others that do to so i thought id try to get something going for us foothill area people .

Lazyme 12-12-2012 7:56 PM

Do you have a range in mind or are you planning on moving from place to place?

elhefe50ss 12-12-2012 8:02 PM

nothing particular yet but have a couple options including a private range . I want to get a feel for how many calgunners will come first you know the drill :party:

Jet Setter 12-12-2012 8:50 PM

Sounds good. Looking forward to more details. Thank you for setting this up.

Lazyme 12-12-2012 9:03 PM

There are plenty here in the Placer area, don't worry about that! I think there are 2-3 people who live near me in Antelope that I know of.

You might have to reach out to the specific sections in the "firearms discussions" depending on the type of shoot you are doing. We are finding that a lot of people hang out in one section of the forum so if you want to do a handgun shoot post about it here and in the handgun section.

I say pick a shoot that sounds fun to you, pick a place and then a time/date and go for it, there will be plenty of people showing up for whatever you choose to do.

There is no shortage of people who want to hang out and shoot that's for sure!

Loopwell 12-12-2012 9:26 PM

I'm in! I'm a Calgun newbie from Rocklin. It would be so great to shoot with and get acquainted with people who are actually more knowledgeable than me (I usually take out people who ask if they need a gun license).

elhefe50ss 12-12-2012 9:59 PM

Im a firm believer in that you cant learn if you dont ask and i NEVER poke fun at new folks as we were all one at one time , shoot im still making mistakes im glad to see people interested already

Plinkin 12-13-2012 8:44 AM

I live in Rocklin, I'd come out for some shoots. I have a thick steel plate I use for rimfires i could bring.

savannah 12-13-2012 9:01 AM

I would definitely be interested.

totenkopf 12-13-2012 9:02 AM

i am near there and would be interested.

savannah 12-13-2012 9:34 AM

+1 for Rocklin area. I would love some shoots this side of highway 80.

elhefe50ss 12-13-2012 8:41 PM

theirs 6 already come on peeps lets get this going

XVIga_Rob 12-13-2012 10:19 PM

I moved out of Placer county 2yrs ago, but still spend 95+% of my work & free time somewhere between Antelope & Reno shooting, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, wheeling, riding dirtbikes, etc. For work, the territory I cover is everything North & East of Sacramento, to Redding, and to Winnamucca NV. So if you have something going on, drop me an invite.

P.S. I was just shooting some trap in Auburn tonight, after work. :D

10xhobby 12-14-2012 7:33 AM

Hey guys, I'm in Carmichael but I would be interested in coming out to your shoots. Let me know if I can help and put me on you contact list.

elhefe50ss 12-14-2012 8:21 AM

already there

supra 12-15-2012 1:20 PM

I live close to and work in Placer county. Would be interested in meeting up for a good day of shooting.

elhefe50ss 12-15-2012 3:16 PM

Sweet more the better

Jester3 12-19-2012 10:29 PM

From Fair Oaks, would be happy to join up with you folks, keep me in the loop please! Don't mind driving for a shoot.

cactus 12-20-2012 7:21 AM

Depending on the day and my work schedule im interested.

vma03 12-20-2012 4:33 PM

I'm in Roseville and I'm in. Can I bring the better half? She likes to shoot too.

Lazyme 12-20-2012 5:06 PM

No girls allowed. You know they have cooties, right? :D:D

But really, the more the merrier!!

vma03 12-20-2012 5:56 PM


Originally Posted by Lazyme (Post 9971951)
No girls allowed. You know they have cooties, right? :D:D

But really, the more the merrier!!

Hahaha. OK, I'll make sure she has her shots.

BonnieB 12-20-2012 6:32 PM

Heck, bring the whole family.

All CGN shoots are family friendly, as long as you keep tabs on the kids and keep 'em safe.

One Calgunner had his 10 year old daughter at a recent shoot, with her .22. We found her a really cute CGN shirt with pink rhinestones. She just couldn't be more wonderful.

Xm1gnr 01-06-2013 1:17 PM

Love to. Say when. Coming from Roseville.

elhefe50ss 01-12-2013 5:49 PM

Have something working at lincoln will have info soon

elhefe50ss 01-25-2013 1:26 PM

Still working

Gutter 01-25-2013 1:53 PM

Work up in Folsom and wouldn't mind coming out for one

Loopwell 01-25-2013 2:37 PM

I love dillman range!

rolex87 02-07-2013 1:15 AM

I'd be interested but I live in Yosemite right now. I have a house in Rocklin that I come home to about once a month, and if the timing is right...

milsurpshooter 02-16-2013 9:40 PM

i'm in elverta, so i'm in. orville is a bit of a drive but its a straight shot up the 99 north and its free plus it has a bathroom but no shade. it goes out to 550yds

Country Woodpecker 02-16-2013 9:50 PM

I'm in Roseville and would be in

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keshishian101 02-22-2013 6:22 PM

I'd be in. I don't live in Roseville anymore, but I'm always up to go shoot with fellow calgunners.

toiletfighter 02-23-2013 6:35 PM

I'm a CalGun newbie in Colfax. I'm interested as well.

marabunta 04-02-2013 6:26 PM

Newbie here too...handgunner in Auburn.

Altahick 05-01-2013 11:38 PM

i am also interested. im in auburn

Loopwell 05-03-2013 12:38 PM

If anyone in interested in shooting, AND cleaning up, while repping Calguns check this out.

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