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alantani 12-12-2012 7:06 AM

handgun restoration/bluing
never done this before. if i had a 30 year old, tired revolver or small auto with a bunch of surface scratches and the bluing worn off, where would i go for a restoration? i imagine i could get a buffing wheel and polish out some of the scratches myself, but i did a quick google search and the bluing look like something best left to a professional. any suggestions? i'm in the san francisco area, but shipping is not a problem. thanks. alan

dangerranger 12-12-2012 7:02 PM

These guys have done a couple for me.

I bought a 1911 that had rust freckling on one side. They refinished it with a mat blue without much buffing so that the edges, and lettering was still sharp. I was very happy in the end. DR

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