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jfifer 12-11-2012 8:41 PM

shorten side by side
I have a 1928 ithaca lefever nitro special side by side 12 g. It has a 26" barrel. I want to cut it down to 18". Can i just drop it in a bandsaw with the proper blade and grind and deburr or will i have to resolder? Are the barrels soldered all the way down? I bought this for next to nothing and am going to make a project of it.

kcstott 12-12-2012 6:18 AM

If you cut it off, Depending on how the barrels were put together you most likely will need to resolder the muzzles together. There may even be a hole between the two ribs between the barrels that would need to be filled.
The other issue is if that are not soldered in that area to be gin with, the muzzels may move on you and you would have to re align and re solder. No big deal being a coach gun but I would not want to try this on a full length set of barrels. Barrel regulation is an art and a trial of persistence.

jfifer 12-12-2012 7:53 AM

How can i tell If they are silver soldered the length, or just the ends? I am on my phone i will post pics later today.

kcstott 12-12-2012 10:26 AM

A small scribe at the joint between the rib and barrel. If it soft it's soldered. Most SXS are soldered the full length. Another way is to remove the barrels hang by the lump and tap the barrels with a piece of metal. The barrels should ring and ring bright. If they sound dull you either have a set that has come lose or they were never soldered full length.
Like I said I've never seen nor heard of a SXS not soldered full length the had a rib running down the barrels.

The other thing is I would have the wall thickness checked on those barrels among other things. It may not be safe to shoot.

jfifer 12-12-2012 3:43 PM

Thank you! Nice ring to it good advice! I've shot it already a bit :)

It looks soldered all the way down too!!!

Whats a good length? 3 inches? Just kidding!!!

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