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spectr17 12-08-2012 1:27 PM

CCT poser Richard Naylor. MACVSOG fraud from Laos
Lots of questions about Naylor's claims from Sgt Mac and others. Naylor's backed off from claiming CCT a bit after being told he needed to go through the CCT pipeline schools and would have been issued a blue beret. No one can find ANYTHING about the radar unit he claimed he humped around Laos. His records have been scrubbed according to him and only 4 were secretly recruited for the mission in Laos (sheepdipped CCT). He claims to have inserted MACVSOG teams and other missions that just don't seem to add up for a 2 striper.

Fake Warrior Project has a FOIA request in for his DD-214 to see if he really even was in the USAF or even Vietnam or Laos.

FMFdevildoc 12-08-2012 4:02 PM

Outstanding work. Cannot fathom trying to embellish (ref: lie) about having done more that what little I have done in the service. Very, very poor taste.

raexcct2 12-23-2012 9:31 AM

He'a a poser and a liar. He's been told to stop passing himself off as CCT on Facebook. I didn't realize he was posting on other web sites.

CCT (1980-1996)

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