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Scout1520 12-07-2012 9:49 PM

Help Me Find A Job!
Here is a new thread for the Community, help me (and others) find a job or work.

If you haven't noticed, the people on this forum tend to be of like minded and more or less of the same political background. For the most part we are hard working and self sufficient. So let this thread be dedicated to helping those of like minds find work.

As of now, lets keep the "For Hire" simple and straight forward.

If you are looking for work (template is just a starting point);
Contact Information (Optional)
Work Experience (Keep it concise)
Relevant Awards/ Certifications
Distinguishing Quality

(This was originally posted in the off topic forum)

Scout1520 12-07-2012 9:49 PM

Contact Information
Adam Wallace
(818) 233-6181

Los Angeles County


Verdugo Hills High School Multi-Media Magnet
Junior In Economics Department at Cal- State University Northridge

Work Experience (Keep it concise)
Administrative Assistant (2 years)
General Construction (1 Year)
Lifeguard (4) Years
Open Water Lifeguard (2 Years)
Sr. Lifeguard/ Pool Manager 1 (2 Years)

Relevant Awards/ Certifications
Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout
American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor
American Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor (Professional Rescuer Level)
American Red Cross Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor
American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

Distinguishing Quality

Employer Note:
I understand that I am young and only experienced in a very small service industry, and makes it hard to justify considering me as a candidate for a new position. But I have yet to have a employer that was anything less than astounded by my tenacious and ambitious work ethic.

"On my Honor" if you give me the opportunity to prove myself, I will. If that means working as a unpaid intern for a few weeks, I am prepared to do so.

tbhracing 12-07-2012 9:50 PM

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