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BigJ 12-07-2012 10:40 AM

“America’s Rifle – The M1 Garand” DVD
I just got the opportunity to watch "America's Rifle - The M1 Garand" documentary produced by the Garand Collectors Association. This was sent to me by the GCA as part of my regular membership, but I would have gladly paid for it.

What a fine piece of work. They did right by rifle, and by those who used and depended on it. If you're a fan of the gun, this isn't to be missed. The stories are told by those who actually shot it in combat... to see them cycle it, shoulder it, hold it, show how to avoid "M1 Thumb"... outstanding, and humbling.

And its full of neat little tidbits too. I thought I knew a lot about these guns, but I still learned several new things I hadn't known before.

Order link here:

gotshotgun? 12-08-2012 7:01 AM

I just received this video as well but haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Thanks for the good word on it.

mls343 12-08-2012 10:51 AM

I'll be watching it tonight! I saw about 10 minutes of it this morning and it looks pretty good.

Full Clip 12-27-2012 12:43 PM

A friend of mine wrote and produced that. I'll be sure to direct him to this thread. He's also an experienced shooter (I met him in a training class).

252yft 01-02-2013 3:57 PM

I received my copy, but with the holidays, haven't found any down time to watch it. Guess Saturday is my viewing day.

MingTheMerciless 01-28-2013 10:10 AM

Dang that reminds me I set mine aside to watch but never did. Gotta fix that!

rojocorsa 01-29-2013 3:29 PM

I thought Stoner's rifle and not the French-Canadian's rifle was America's Rifle.

So which is it? :p

I have both. :D

wpage 02-03-2013 3:57 PM

John Garand was Canadian...

His M1 was all American.

M1NM 02-03-2013 5:15 PM

Joined GCA last month - hopefully I'll be included in the all member mailing.

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