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shark92651 12-06-2012 5:42 PM

RifleGear 2013 Calendar is here
The RifleGear 2013 Calendar is here! RifleGear teamed up with Griffon Industries to bring you this calendar featuring 12 months of impressive weaponry and lovely ladies. Just in time for Christmas, the calendar is priced at $14.99 in store or $21.99 shipped to your door.

At 12" wide by 22" tall, this is a LARGE calendar. The calendar is printed on heavy semi-gloss stock and features a top spiral hook and single-sided printing - no staples or folds!

RifleGear 2013 Calendar

gr8dragon88 12-07-2012 1:47 PM


Casual_Shooter 12-07-2012 2:36 PM

I predict the "view larger image" link will be overloaded any minute.

1st2fight 12-07-2012 10:34 PM

i'll take the guns any day...

Riflegear 12-10-2012 8:31 PM

These things are moving fast. If you're in the area, you can get a discount on this (basically save the shipping cost) by picking one up in store. Get 'em while you can.

Arson 12-13-2012 9:35 PM

I was there one day to pick up a lower, and all of the sudden two blonds came walking out from behind wearing a little bit more than in the pictures. My first thought was bachelor party in the back. There ware Chicks and Guns, all that was missing was Booze and Firetrucks.

Paper Boy 12-18-2012 5:53 AM

You have any plans to do posters to?

Riflegear 12-18-2012 2:23 PM

Posters? Of the calendar models/guns? or just in general?

Paper Boy 12-19-2012 2:35 PM

The calendar models / guns. Same pics as the calendar just poster size.

Riddler 12-19-2012 5:11 PM


Originally Posted by 8voice8 (Post 9961565)
The calendar models / guns. Same pics as the calendar just poster size.

I'd be down to buy a couple lol.

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