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the86d 12-03-2012 7:53 AM

How do you clean sizing wax from your lubing bin/tray?
I have a bunch of bins (like the Dillon ones for the XL 650, only longer) I use for lubing cases, and I typically wash them with really hot water and a brush when I notice they start collecting dust on the wax (cob, natural), or other residue.

What is the method you all use? (99% isopropyl alcohol on a rag/in a bucket?)


Na-vah-duh 12-03-2012 12:50 PM

Simple green works for me.

Triple R Munitions 12-03-2012 12:58 PM

Simple green works or any degreaser. Hoppes works well to. Don't use carb/choke cleaner. It will destroy the plastic.

Coyotegunner 12-03-2012 6:29 PM

When no one else is home,try the dishwasher.

NiteQwill 12-03-2012 9:47 PM

Dishwasher. Or warm water with soap + sponge.

the86d 12-04-2012 4:17 AM

The bin I am using is pretty thin, and tends to get "drooping" side sides with hot water, so I was looking for options.

Thanks for the input!

Cheap Shot 12-04-2012 9:07 AM

My lube tray...
...get washed in warm to hot soapy water along with the brass. The brass is then dried and re/tumbled. I check for case failure and media left just before priming.

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