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Dark Paladin 12-03-2012 7:07 AM

OC Chapter Monthly Shoot @ OnTarget on 12/14!!! - NEW SHOTGUN POLICY!
Greet all CalGunners,

The next OC C3 Monthly shoot at OnTarget (Laguna Niguel) is on 12/14/12, starting at 6:30PM (not 4:00PM. . . not 5:00PM. . . 6:30!)

Please review the following details pertaining to the meet:

Pistols - no double taps, no drawing from holster (standard indoor range safety precautions)
Rifles - rifle permit REQUIRED (pistol calibers are exempt), can be had by attending a rifle permit class on Sunday mornings @ 10AM, anything less than 338 Lapua is good to go. . . and yes, ARs/AKs are welcome!
Shotguns (NEW POLICY IN PLACE!) - minimum distance is 7-yard line, and ONLY slugshot sold at the range will be allowed for use.
Cost - $5, stay and shoot as long as you want!

REMINDER: - Please police after yourselves at the range. OnTarget has been gracious enough to grant several concessions to make this event a success month after month. We should return the courtesy when utilizing their facilities, and take responsibility for our actions. . . after all, we do want to portray Calgunners as responsible gun owners, right? ;) If we find that you hit a hanger, we will make sure the staff is aware. . . NO EXCEPTIONS!

I want feedback from the attendees. . . do y'all want All you can eat Korean BBQ, Sushi, or hotpot? Sound off and let your opinion be heard!

If you are planning on attending, please vote and/or respond to the thread so we have a good headcount.

Dark Paladin 12-03-2012 7:09 AM

Due to overwhelming popularity of the event we are needing to start enforcing a attendee list. The bay that we are occupying has been quite overcrowded the last few times where safety has become a concern. So if you are planning to attend you need to sound off so we can put you (and your guests) on the list. Otherwise we will have to turn you away at the door.

1. Batman
2. JackRydden224
3. moyneur
4. engi
5. engi's [guest]
6. BlackLoTuS
7. BlackLoTuS's [guest]
8. Seany Boy
9. Seany Boy's [guest]
10. Seany Boy's [guest]
12. kalbos
13. token123
14. token123's [guest]
15. GunDaddy
16. GunDaddy's [guest]
17. vaporShax
18. vaporShax's [guest]
19. Bourbonator
20. Bourbonator's [guest]
21. Bourbonator's [guest]
22. Low Light

Wait List


If you are not able to join us in the bay, you are still more than welcome to join us for food afterwards.

crackerman 12-03-2012 7:12 AM

IN! Finally!

and Sushi for the win, take home the left overs for bait!

engi 12-03-2012 7:59 AM

In with 2 guests. Thanks.

Seany Boy 12-03-2012 8:05 AM

In plus 2 guests

hefedehefe 12-03-2012 8:11 AM

Me plus one

token123 12-03-2012 9:27 AM

Me and one guest please!

JackRydden224 12-03-2012 12:12 PM

I'm in with my SVT-40 and CZ75 B SA !

crackerman 12-03-2012 2:32 PM

In regards to the buckshot rule. Does it have to be 00 buck or can I burn some #4 BUCKSHOT (not birdshot) on the range. Would be nice to do some pattern testing.

MRxW1ZARD 12-03-2012 4:18 PM

Im in! This will be my first event. Super excited!

Lyte- 12-03-2012 4:47 PM

mark me down as staff please

lgm118icbm 12-03-2012 6:31 PM

Sandy and I will be riding out to Grand Canyon that weekend. Have fun guys!

Dark Paladin 12-03-2012 7:21 PM


Originally Posted by crackerman (Post 9843454)
In regards to the buckshot rule. Does it have to be 00 buck or can I burn some #4 BUCKSHOT (not birdshot) on the range. Would be nice to do some pattern testing.

Was just informed that there has been a change in the shotgun policy and I am working on getting details.

However, OnTarget staff did confirm that #4 Buck is NOT allowed.

Dark Paladin 12-03-2012 7:25 PM


Originally Posted by moyneur (Post 9843958)
Got It On The Calender, Friday Dec. 12th see you there.
Maybe I'll bring my daughter she's pretty good w/ my 454 Casull

Please state whether your guest is confirmed as a courtesy to other attendees. It is hard to work with maybes especially when space is limited. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

GunDaddy 12-04-2012 7:46 AM

Myself and 1 guest. Thanks.

lgm118icbm 12-04-2012 8:03 AM

Did we have an issue with the previous shotgun policy or is it a liability thing?

Dark Paladin 12-04-2012 8:08 AM


Originally Posted by lgm118icbm (Post 9848987)
Did we have an issue with the previous shotgun policy or is it a liability thing?

My understanding is this is a change across the board by the range (meaning public lanes can use shotguns now as well). I am not aware of any issues with us specifically.

lgm118icbm 12-04-2012 8:23 AM

Ahh. I'm just glad we didn't do anything negative to instigate the change.

Vaporshax 12-04-2012 5:36 PM

Me plus one please.

Batman 12-04-2012 9:58 PM

In with a guest!!

Bourbonator 12-04-2012 11:34 PM

I will be joining and hopefully bringing two guests.

DisturbedAle 12-05-2012 7:16 AM

:( I'll be heading out of town during the 14th. I'll catch you guys the next time around!

Low Light 12-05-2012 10:10 AM

I'm in. First timer (second try). Looking forward to it. Can we bring baubles to use as targets (just kidding DP)?

BlackLoTuS 12-05-2012 6:11 PM

myself, havocc, and 2 guests

engi 12-06-2012 2:28 PM

Rich, please remove one of my guests.

JackRydden224 12-06-2012 2:44 PM

I contacted moyneur and confirmed that his daughter/guest will not make it. moyneur himself is good for the shoot.

CWM4A1 12-07-2012 1:39 PM

I'll be there to host a rifle safety class for Calguns as well, have to stay to setup match for next morning anyway. See you guys there!

engi 12-07-2012 2:32 PM


Originally Posted by JohnP (Post 9871829)
Hey Charlie how do I get on the list for those competitions? They look like fun.

Just show up that Saturday morning when they have the event.

Dark Paladin 12-07-2012 4:27 PM

Low Light / Bourbonator,

Due to cancellations y'all are GTG!

kalbos 12-08-2012 7:29 AM

Put me on the wait list

BlackLoTuS 12-12-2012 9:47 AM

Can anyone bring a chrono?
i wanted to test out some handloads for my 45 and was wondering if anybody had a chrono they could bring.

i wanna make sure i'm in the right ballpark before loading up a whole bunch.

crackerman 12-12-2012 7:43 PM

Hey guess what, life got in the way of my plans! Dark I am out, next month it is.

Batman 12-12-2012 9:17 PM

My guest just cancelled, so please open that spot up for the next person on the waiting list.

MRxW1ZARD 12-13-2012 9:22 AM

Unfortunately some things came up at work so I won't be able to make it. :(

hefedehefe 12-14-2012 12:12 PM

We cant make it tonight :(

BlackLoTuS 12-14-2012 4:10 PM

Havocc and 1 guest Definitely can't make it
please take them off

BlackLoTuS 12-14-2012 5:10 PM

My wife doesn't wanna go now that our friends cancelled so please take myself and my guest off the list.

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PositiveRate 12-15-2012 12:28 AM

So report in, how'd it go? I would love to hear more about what it's like going to one of these things. Hopefully I'll be in town at some point for one...

Rekrab 12-15-2012 6:08 PM

We had a lot of cancellations so it was a pretty quiet night. Everyone involved had plenty of fun though!

Vaporshax 12-15-2012 10:35 PM

My guest an I had a great time. Thank you to the kind gentleman on lane 10 who helped my coworker with his Marlin. And thanks Rekrab for the Dynaflex!

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