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bartokk 11-30-2012 11:50 AM

Appleseed Gift Certificate - $50!
Appleseed fees for men will increase to $80 in January, 2013. So here's your chance to get yourself, friend or family member out to an Appleseed event and save $30 before the price increase.

The certs are good for one full weekend of training.

Eljay 12-05-2012 6:32 AM

This is kind of typical Appleseed - sounds like a great idea but the implementation leaves you scratching your head. The cheapest shipping option on a gift certificate is $10.03.

Why send it at all (versus an electronic code)?
Why does it cost $10 to ship a single piece of paper?
Where does the .03 come from?

Boggles the mind.

Update: It does look like if you email them you can arrange something more reasonable.

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