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toby 11-29-2012 5:21 PM

FFL question on transfer via shipping firearm?
I have made trades via sending each others long guns along with copies of ID to each others own FFL dealer in the past and now I want to trade and the other parties FFL is saying we both need to be present for the transfer. Is this now the law or can the dealer take claim of the long gun and do the transfer without the other party being present?

kemasa 11-29-2012 6:54 PM

A PPT (private party transfer) can only be done when both parties go to the same FFL, but in this case it is just a normal transfer and you do not need to be present, but then the fees are not limited as in the case of a PPT.

Handguns not on the certified list would need to be done as a PPT, but long guns are not an issue and the seller does not need to be present.

toby 12-04-2012 4:01 PM

Thank you, Toby

Librarian 12-04-2012 5:13 PM

And Toby?

Please ask your question in your thread title (or as much as will fit).

A thread title of 'Question?' doesn't convey much - and the answer you get may be useful for someone else, if only the answer could be found ...

toby 12-04-2012 5:26 PM

And Librarian, thanks for the tip, my title has been changed for possibly helping other CGN members should they have the same question. ;)

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