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NastyNate 11-28-2012 6:45 PM

Remington R25 and DPMS .308 owners get in here! Which mags?
OK boys, I just bailed out my R25 that I picked up from another CG'er. I cleaned and lubed, mounted my glass and off to the range I go. First round, bang, second round, FTF. Tap, rack, no bang, visual inspection revealed a failure to feed a round.

I clear the stoppage, break it down, put it back together, aim in, bang, bang, then click, another FTF, same problem, the rifle isn't chambering a second round. round in the mag, sometimes it I used 2 different, 10 rd DPMS mags. I had it zeroed in 4 rounds but decided to put another 50 rds through it to diagnose the issue.

I'm pretty sure the mags are the issue, if I manually chamber a round, it goes bang, each time, for some reason, this rifle doesn't like the DPMS mags which is odd given the fact that it's basically a DPMS with an Remington stamp so WTF?!

It's a shame, this thing is a laser. It just won't feed reliably.

What mags are you guys using on this rifle?

Please help, I'm FHL bound and wanna use this to slam some ham.


glorified_welder 11-28-2012 6:52 PM

I use magpul 10/20's and I also have an asc 10 round mage for shooting prone and off my lead sled

NastyNate 11-28-2012 7:02 PM


Originally Posted by Fortified Peasant (Post 9810459)

aye aye, Gunnery Sergeant! I'll get them up, I was waiting til I get my Harris bipod in so I could have a pic of it standing up. Pics soon. Hopefully a pic of the rifle resting atop a dead piggy.


Originally Posted by glorified_welder (Post 9810470)
I use magpul 10/20's and I also have an asc 10 round mage for shooting prone and off my lead sled

I just ordered some PMags for this thing. Never heard of ASC before but no issues with FTF with that ASC? I just thought it was weird it not liking the DPMS mags when the rifle was built by DPMS?

Calplinker 11-28-2012 7:03 PM

.308 AR's
These can be tricky. A few years ago when I built my first one I did all the research and asked about what works and what doesn't.

Like you, I settled on the DPMS platform with a POF lower and a Fulton Armory upper.

Another Calgunner posted how his nearly identical setup really liked PMAG's, so that's what I bought.

To date, it is not only a tack driver, but utterly reliable. In over 1000 rounds, I've never had a FTF or FTE.

You might ask around to see what your setup prefers, but PMAGS's would be a good place to start.

Speedpower 11-28-2012 7:21 PM

I use the DPMS Magpul 10/20 mags on my DPMS 18" 308 Hunter Lite upper with Tactical machining Lower, it never have a problem it functioned flawless.

crazychinaman 11-28-2012 7:27 PM

Some rifles work great with DPMS And ASC mags and some don't.On the other hand every rifle I seen works with the Magpuls mags all the time.So I only use Magpul mags.I use them in my Sig 716,.308 POF,LWRC REPR,

coq 11-28-2012 7:30 PM

Hard to believe it is just the mags. Is the previous round ejecting properly? Is there more to the FTF that can be described?

elsolo 11-28-2012 8:01 PM

First time I took my R-25 in .308 it had cycling issues the first mag.
Then I gave the bolt carrier a liberal squirt of oil, tried again and it ran fine.
They are tight when brand new, they do have a little break-in period it seems.

The force it takes to rotate the bolt head in the carrier (when rifle disassembled) is night and day difference between brand new and a few hundred rounds.

I have only run the DPMS 10 rd mags so far, have others but never bothered using them.

NastyNate 11-29-2012 12:07 AM

I appreciate all the feedback guys. PMags it is.

As far as the FTF goes, if I manually cycle the action, I can feed and eject a whole magazine. However, the gun is incapable of this. I suspect its the mags because when it hangs, the round gets hung in the mag. It starts to feed but doesn't actually get stripped off and ends up cocked in between the chamber and the mag.

That said, I'm gonna start with new mags as its a known issue. If it persists, I'll start looking at headspace and timing and all that other fun stuff I know nothing about.

Nasty Nate

BigNick 11-29-2012 12:29 AM

Magpul mags and a lot of lube.

08GTCS 11-29-2012 5:20 AM

I use Magpul .308 PMAGs and I've never had a problem with my DPMS. Never had a problem with the DPMS factory steel mags either.

robert101 11-29-2012 9:01 AM

My story is the same as above, no problem with DPMS or PMags. You may have an unusually strong recoil spring or weak ammo. When my TAC20 was new the charging handle was hard to pull back. Now after about 600 rounds things are really smooth. It may take a little time for things to settle in. I've found that the 308 rifles from DPMS are great shooters and very reliable. I hope yours settles in soon.

Falstaff 11-29-2012 10:18 AM

The only type I've used on my DPMS SASS is Pmags, no issues so far (500 rds) no reason to try anything else. Not to mention theyre cheaper than everything else, I'd be hating life if I had to by Armalite patterns at 50 bucks a pop!

Tack425 12-01-2012 10:59 PM

My P308 likes the Magpul PMAGS.

BlackMark 12-02-2012 7:24 PM

I use both DPMS metal mags and Magpuls in my AR-308s. I have found the DPMS mags to be of very good construction, but the distance between the fed lips is sometimes inconsistent. Metal mags are a lot easier to tune than what you might think. A $15 Brownells feed lip tool gives you the control you need to tweek the feed lips evenly, because in most instances they need very little adjustment to relieve binding and get the bullet nose up enough to feed well. If the magazine lips are too narrow the base of the bolt carrier will bind, or worse yet slip right over the cartridge and fail to feed. The minimum spec is 0.545" between the lips and I have found references of up to 0.575" maximum. Take the bolt carrier out of the rifle and take your magazine apart. Place the base of the bolt carrier between the feed lips and see if it seats completely and passes smoothly between the lips. If not,you will need to open the lips slightly until it does. Polish all edges of the follower gently while you are at it to make sure the follower is not binding. There are other adjustments to control cartridge feed angle and to make sure the bullet nose is centered as it releases from the feed lips into the chamber, but I didn't want to get too long winded. Being able to tune your semi auto magazines gives you a real sense of empowerment, and the difference in cartridge feed smoothness from a tuned magazine is amazing. The binding from an out of spec magazine can cause all kinds of feed issues. Of course you can also just go with Magpuls, or use a Magpul as a diagnostic to see if your metal mag is the source of the problem, but if you are old school like me and like the look and feel of metal magazines, it is definitely worth the effort to learn to tune.

NastyNate 12-03-2012 12:23 PM

Ok guys so I swapped the DPMS out for a magpul, took it out for a workout, no problems. Went on a pig hunt, scored a hit, follow up shot, click! I got the kill but it was more work than necessary.

I tried your suggestion BM and it doesnt seem to bind. I called Remington today and this ***** is going back to NY to be tuned up by them, under warranty.

Here is a long overdue pic of this POS.

Attachment 182829

Nasty Nate

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