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Williexcited 11-26-2012 8:33 PM

Speedloader pouches for S&W 686 P
So I bought a s&w 686 p 7 shot on a whim and would like to shoot it at my local pistol match. It came with HKS 587 speedloaders but I cant find pouches to attach to my belt. Do you guys have any source for the pouches?

I am not going to seriously compete with this so I am not going to get the cylinder cut for moon clips unless its cheap enough and I am not going to buy a 627 anytime soon.

checkenbach 11-29-2012 6:57 PM

Here is where I got my Ready Tactical carriers for my 686 6 shot. You may have issue finding stuff to work with a 7 shot gun.
Also, what type of competition are you going to do?? IDPA only allows you to use 6 rounds(and a 4" barrel). USPSA has a few options, none really good though.

steelciocc 11-30-2012 6:35 AM

I just use the cheap nylon HKS holders - available almost anywhere. Two pouches on the belt (four speedloaders) and an extra loader, or two, in the back pocket has worked fine for me.

Don't spend a lot for a $10 item...

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