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ramzar 11-26-2012 4:34 PM

Training for efficiency and safety
NBC Nightly News had a great story tonight about UPS and how they train their delivery drivers. It may seem like a simple task but in the delivery business every second counts. They even train their drivers how to walk safely on iced sidewalks. Parallels to shooting.
UPS ‘boot camp’ preps workers for the holidays: From simulated icy sidewalks to boxes filled with cinderblocks, a new UPS training program is teaching drivers how to be safe and efficient during holiday season when every minute counts.

ZombieTactics 11-26-2012 4:54 PM

I don't know ... I heard all you had to do was compete in the NASCAR truck series every weekend to get gooder ... 'cuz in the end it's all about driving faster.

[just kidding, couldn't resist, slinking away now]

ramzar 11-26-2012 5:04 PM

They hire you not because you are capable of doing a seemingly "simple" job but because you're willing to listen and be trained to be efficient and do it all safely (in your driving, picking up heavy boxes, walking on slippery sidewalks) many hours each and every day.

There's a lot in shooting which constitute efficiencies and doing it all safely. I found the parallels useful.

Jack's Smirking Revenge 11-27-2012 9:52 AM

Cool video. Thanks for sharing.

Rincus 11-27-2012 7:00 PM

They are building the Teamster army! If the Zombpocalypse ever happens Im joining the Teamsters. They got all the trucks and alot of guns.

9mmepiphany 11-27-2012 8:03 PM

We used to do this when I worked for PT&T.

It is the little things that add up. The parallels in IDPA are knowing when to perform a Tactical Mag Reload vs. a Reload with isn't always faster than the other depending on the COF. Also how to turn and which foot to step off with when moving

GM_77 11-27-2012 8:20 PM

Man awesome vid.

whitey4311 11-28-2012 5:25 AM

Back to the X box guys.

"Every Second Counts" is what they said. Sort of sounds like speed and accuracy.

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