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systems 11-23-2012 10:44 AM

FFL questions you want to hear, maybe?
Hello, FFLS within a 1o mile radious of zip code 90640;

I would like to purchase hk rifle clones AND a walther p99 (9mm/40 cal) Yes I can dros 2 at once with my wife and I combined

(I have a PTR91 but I would like another PTR clone pr varrient like the PTR39)

HK93, 94, MP5, ect. Such as the c-93, PTR in 762 x39 / 5.56 ect. Would you have any or could you acquire any in the next few days?

Also what is your fee for out of state transfer, inbound?

Cold war era hk rifles wanted -

I would like to purchase this item from atlantic fire arms and have it shipped to your store, its a victor arms CA legal V-93 here is the link;

Please let me know if I can have this done through your store.

Last, what is the price on an SKS/FAL? if you have em -

Serious buyer wont wast your time -

Thank you for your time.

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