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force-dynamic 11-19-2012 9:59 AM

Pistol Operator Course - Nov 26th @ Sac Valley - Force Dynamic, Inc.
If you need to get out of the house after Thanksgiving for some range therapy come join us for our 4 hour afternoon Pistol Operator Course.

For you die-hards that believe that rain is just a coupon for redeemable for good livin' and like to train anyways- use coupon code "onlythebrave" at checkout for any of our winter months classes to get 15% off.

Duration: 4 Hours 8am - 12pm
Cost: $65
Pistol Operator is the perfect introduction to defensive firearms handling. Perhaps you are a CCW holder or security guard who sat through your ridiculous firearms class and are left knowing you need more training to be ready to use your weapon in self defense. Maybe you'd like to explore the action pistol competitions but would like some extra instruction. Pistol Operator focuses on the technical aspects of gun handling to prepare a gun owner to better use his weapon for self defense in a convenient half day format while also preparing the student's mindset for functioning under the stress of a violent encounter.

Topics covered include:

Tactical vs. Combat Reloads
Moving Targets
Clearing stoppages
Effects of stress on the shooter
The decision pyramid
Shooting from the holster
Shooting on the move
Shooting and clearing stoppages while injured

For registration and equipment requirements go to our website at:

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