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gorenut 11-17-2012 12:27 AM

WTS/T: 8 shot moonclips used for S&W 627
Sold. 15 moonclips - holds 8 rounds. Sold

Also looking for:
Like new brass in 357 and 44 MAG, as well as bullets in the same calibers.
Carbide dies in the above calibers
Open to offers in other reloading stuff

I realized I don't really use these moonclips so I'm putting them up for sale.

Not sure what brand they are, but they're stainless and all unused except for one that is slightly bent. Haven't tried them in any brass, but they loaded a little tight on A-Zoom snapcaps. Definitely has a stiffer hold vs other ones I've used that had tons of wiggle.

teachhistory4u 11-17-2012 5:25 AM

I will take the Moon Clip.

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