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wicked51 11-16-2012 7:03 PM

Demilitarize equipment
My department acquired several (six) first generation night vision scopes from the military about fifteen years ago. I was tasked with the job of getting these scopes demilitarized and sent back. Any LEO have any experience with getting military surplus equipment demilitarized? I have been in circles with the local military bases, Washington DC, and DRMO in regards to getting the radioactive material out of these scopes. Can anyone point me in the right direction or any civilian company that will demilitarize them? Please PM me. Thanks.

fullrearview 11-16-2012 7:14 PM

They are already "demilled". It all depends on the "demil" code your department acquired them under. Some codes, your department owns them after a year, some you have to inventory every year.

Ill PM you an email address you will need.

rla_2000 11-16-2012 7:15 PM

No, but I'll take them off your hands! - Just kidding :coolgleamA:

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