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SonorousAria 11-16-2012 1:58 PM

"Stupid" question
So I'm not exactly new, but I figured this might be the best place to pose my question. What does "FUD" mean? I've seen it many times in the forum and I get the basic idea from the context, but curiosity is getting the bast of my and I have to know what the acronym means. Thanks.

Blackcrow 11-16-2012 2:02 PM

fear uncertainty doubt

fighterpilot562 11-16-2012 3:27 PM


Originally Posted by Blackcrow (Post 9736469)
fear uncertainty doubt

this. Pretty much mean it is BS

SoCal Bob 11-16-2012 5:14 PM

This thread has a great example of FUD by CA DOJ:

zod 11-16-2012 6:26 PM

Welcome aboard.

bsg 11-16-2012 7:42 PM


geeknow 11-16-2012 8:05 PM

Since you've had your question answered, I'll only add this...

There are no stupid questions. Only people who think they know it all...and rarely do.

Welcome to CGN. We were all new here once. The only way to figure stuff out is to ask. So feel free.



socalpistolero 11-16-2012 9:30 PM


Colt562 11-17-2012 4:04 PM

Basically BS

Wicked Pete 11-17-2012 4:52 PM


SonorousAria 11-17-2012 5:23 PM

Thanks all. Glad to be here

h0use 11-18-2012 12:07 PM


fouber 11-18-2012 1:18 PM

Nice to see you. Welcome aboard =^..^=

BlackTydeTactical 11-19-2012 10:12 AM

Welcome aboard!

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