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KLF 11-16-2012 8:47 AM

Acquiring an Off-List Handgun
Hello there:

My father is moving to California from "The South." He'll be hitting the state in late spring. Now, I am wondering if he can bring handguns he owns into California that are Off-List, then give them to me via the "Father-Son Transfer." I do not understand the processes of On-List/Off-List, or Importation, or even Transfer Of Ownership in California. If you're an expert, what advice can you offer? Is this even possible? Are there things I need to do to fit through hoops?

Thank you for your attention---KLF

kemasa 11-16-2012 9:54 AM

As long as the firearms are not considered a so-called a-salt weapon, he can bring them into CA even if they are not on the list. Once he is a resident, the firearms can be transferred to you with the Intrafamilial transfer form (and $19/handgun). "large capacity" magazines can not be brought in though.

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