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sd_shooter 11-15-2012 10:09 AM

Stack-on 8-gun security cabinet from Walmart, $89 shipped
DOJ approved:

Seems like a good deal if you just want to keep your guns away from the kids. Probably have to add tax, but it's $89 including "ship to store."


POLICESTATE 11-15-2012 10:11 AM

I have the 5 gun version and yeah it's great to keep away from the kids, no way they are going to pick that lock, but it's not going to stop a burglar from just yanking it off the wall with a crow bar.

I consider it more of a gun cabinet than a safe, it's a good deal though, cheaper than what I paid for my 5 gun stackon

Nice feature: you cannot remove the key from the lock unless it is in the locked position.

bigcasino 11-15-2012 10:22 AM

i got one its great for what it is and costs and the $0.97 shipping to home is great!!!!

daphonz 11-15-2012 1:06 PM

Looks like the 10 gun already assembled version is $99 as well. Thinking I may grab that one.

w55 11-15-2012 3:30 PM

Works fine keeping out honest kids...but not much to them.

PerfectReset 11-15-2012 3:46 PM

Same price on Amazon FYI:

frahuang 11-15-2012 4:02 PM

I got one from Walmart, it's quite decent for the price.

five.five-six 11-15-2012 4:16 PM

Sounds like a great deal

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sd_shooter 11-15-2012 4:44 PM

Some guy did a video review:

sd_shooter 11-15-2012 6:06 PM

Ordered from Amazon via the Calguns link :D

Casual_Shooter 11-15-2012 6:33 PM

Cheap enough to use as a decoy safe.

VTX 11-15-2012 8:34 PM

does it come with a can opener?:)

TigerShark 11-15-2012 8:47 PM

I like the 14 gun version.
It's footprint is big enough to hold (3) three 50 cal metal ammo cans side by side. You could easily stack 6 cans high, which means 18 ammo cans total and an extra 8-10" on top. That's alot of ammo cans.
It does cost more but you get probably double the space. Got mine from Big 5 on sale for $165 but with an extra 10% off coupon it was under $150 pre-tax.

Like someone mentioned above, these might be good decoys for your real safe.

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