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FredoSD 11-14-2012 1:33 PM

Been a while since I posted here
Hi ya'll, wow it's been a long time since I posted here. I had been shooting a Savage MKII but had to sell it to make up a little cash for my old car (66 chrysler 300).
Anyway I decided that it's been long enough so I bought myself a Ruger 22/45and added a Docter Red Dot that I got in a trade. Right after that I decided I needed to do the grip modification so I could add 1911 grips. I went with the Houge wrap around grips. Next up trigger upgrades and mag release mod.

Of course once I added the Docter I needed a holster. Fortunatley I make custom holsters so I decided to go with a cross draw to keep me balanced.

Last night I DROSed a Ruger 10-22 in factory tacticool configuration (10/22 RPFTF ) Pics to follow in 9.4 days and counting.
Good to be back, I'll be joining in a lot more and hopefuly get back into the monthly shooting matches.

hitman13 11-14-2012 4:46 PM

Very nice :)

ojisan 11-14-2012 4:56 PM

Welcome back.
Nice .22 set-up.

mlevans66 11-17-2012 5:30 PM

Welcome back! Like that grips on your 22. Makes it look comfy. :D

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