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the86d 11-14-2012 10:06 AM

Pulled 40Gr V-Max .223 bullets 100 @ $12.39

Limited stock. The ones I got a long time ago were not perfect (as they are pulled), but they put an exit wound in a rooster about the size of a baseball...

It isn't as good of a deal as when I bought mine from them, but you save like $5/100 minimum getting the pulled ones (as I just looked up the price now :)).

3006mv 11-15-2012 5:15 PM

would probably work well in a .22 hornet

Na-vah-duh 11-15-2012 6:10 PM

How bad are the pull marks ?

the86d 12-10-2012 3:09 PM


Originally Posted by Na-vah-duh (Post 9731253)
How bad are the pull marks ?

Sorry, I lost track of this thread. They are pretty bad, but it states "but DO NOT in anyway affect bullet performance."

They shoot well for me out of my 20" AR @ 100yd.

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