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SpaceMan 11-14-2012 9:39 AM

********** .44 LSWC 240gr Bullets *********
Just bought these bullets last week, loaded about 80-90 rounds and sold the firearm. 400+ left, HSM custom 240gr LSWC. I bought the 500 for $65 after tax (64.??), do the math. I believe I have the receipt too (will confirm).
Will trade for .45 acp brass 800ct - .45 bullets 400ct plinkers or ???ct quality - .223/5.56 brass 1000ct - .224 bullets 500ct plinkers or ???ct quality

Conversion kit for Dillon 550. Also just purchased days ago, I've been using my single stage to reload the .44 and decided to give it a try on the progressive but spontaneously felt the itch for a .454 or .460. I got these from a fellow cal gunner they fit .44mag/special, used but in great condition. No box.
Will trade for the same as above, adjusted for price difference.

Decided to keep the conversion for when I need it in the future.

Prices are FTF. Shipping will be actual cost.

To send me an "I'll take it" directly, text (909)560-3199

Thanks for looking,

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