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Psychbiker 11-12-2012 10:43 PM

223 Dies for Hornandy LNL?
I have the Hornady dies for 9mm and 45.

Looking to get dies for 223 for my Lock N Load press.

What dies do you all use?

Hornady has a 2 die kit. That doesnt seem like enough dies. Decapping/sizer and a bullet seater.

No crimp die?

I have a Powderfunnels powder through expander setup. Is that going to be need to be swapped out to do 223?


BenHa 11-12-2012 10:53 PM

The bullet seater also crimps the brass

damndave 11-13-2012 1:09 AM

You do not need to crimp 223. Most if not all 223 dies are 2 die sets. Generally the exception is if it has a separate neck sizer die.

I use the Forster 2 die set, but have also used the Redding. I prefer the seating dies with a micrometer.

SandDiegoDuner 11-13-2012 1:58 PM

If you want a really nice 3 die set get the Redding national match set. It will come with a decap/sizer die, micrometer seating die, and a taper crimp die.

Yes you will have to remove the expander from your powder dropper and adjust the height to give full travel when you switch calibers.

shooterbill 11-13-2012 2:50 PM

I use RCBS dies. I had them before I got the LNL. Lee has a 3 die set that includes a factory crimp die.

rconnerley 11-16-2012 5:05 AM

I have the Hornady dies in .223 for my LNL press. The sizer seems to be bolt gun only diameter, I had a lot of trouble with FTE's on both my mini-14, my friend's mini and his AR. I went to a small-base RCBS die set and the problem was solved. I have had great luck with other Hornady die sets but I can't recommend this one for autoloading rifles. I like to crimp for my autoloaders so I added a Lee Factory Crimp Die in station five.

rconnerley 11-16-2012 5:20 AM

One more thought. I don't know how you are thinking of running your set up for .223 but rifle case necks are not typically expanded with a die as pistol cases are. To my knowledge, there are no powder through expanders for rifle calibers.

gemoose23 11-16-2012 5:31 AM

Hornady dies have a built in crimper that is optional.

Built-in Crimper
The built-in crimper gives you the option of crimping without the need for an extra crimp die thus saving a station on your press.

Suhleen 11-16-2012 6:17 AM

You don't need to crimp .223. Hornady pistol dies are great, but after watching my BIL get a couple stuck cases in his Hornady .223 die, I only use Redding dies for rifle.

BanjoGunner 11-16-2012 6:51 AM

I use the Hornady 2-die set and have been satisfied; the reloads run fine in my AR. I did stick a case once, but it had not been properly lubricated (I think it was accidently negligently dropped into the tub of lubricated brass).

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