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solgateg 11-11-2012 9:49 PM

need to get a colt 1911
Just saw the new colt rail 1911 fde that's being made for the marine marsoc. There's going to be a civilian version of it available soon. For this former marine having served with the 11th MEU. I have to have one. I'm writing every gun store I know to increase my chances of getting it, so if you could please help. If your store isn't able to get it, could u still point me to someone who could. If the colt becomes off the list could anyone point me in the direction or a reputable aow. Any help will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Semper fidelis

shark92651 11-12-2012 9:46 AM

Send us an email with your contact information and we can put you on a waiting list and if one of our distributors comes up with one we will contact you.

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