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Cpt Cautious 11-10-2012 5:55 PM

100 rounds 6.5 grendel alexander arms 123gr HP Lapua Scenar in 20rd box

50 rounds handloads of the above loose in bag (123gr hp lapua scenar match bullet w/ 26grains vargit powder)

25rd rebuild kits (4x c product 1x colt base-plates, magazines are stamped with SS on the side all w/ blue followers) sold

looking to sell all of it together $180 obo

open to trades or cash

located in stockton, not willing to ship just yet, maybe if I dont get any local offers

Romanski 11-10-2012 6:50 PM

Hi Cpt,

I'd be interested in the mag kits if you decide to split and ship.

Cpt Cautious 11-11-2012 8:07 PM


Cpt Cautious 11-12-2012 8:18 PM

ttt all still available

blasterboy 11-13-2012 2:50 PM

I will take it.

Cpt Cautious 11-13-2012 8:33 PM

still available, no one has confirmed wanting it yet

mags are gone

Cpt Cautious 11-14-2012 4:04 PM


Cpt Cautious 11-15-2012 3:50 PM


Cpt Cautious 11-16-2012 10:00 PM

Ttt. Open to offers

Cpt Cautious 11-17-2012 5:38 PM

TTT Price drop, few people interested, no one committed just yet so still for sale

Cpt Cautious 11-18-2012 9:57 PM


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