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bonehead04 11-10-2012 2:05 PM

FS: Milt Sparks VM2 4" 1911 holster
Brand new, never used. Just got it in the mail yesterday. Completely forgot I ordered it a little over 5 months to the day. Was going to use it for a Wilson Supergrade I have on order, but it probably won't be here for another year (yes....a year). I may go with another holster or just bail on the gun altogether between now and then.

Versa Max 2, black cowhide, snap loops. For a 4" 1911. Cost me $128 with shipping. You can have it now without the 5 month wait for $150+shipping. Price is firm. If I don't get takers, I'll just keep it.



bonehead04 11-14-2012 8:18 PM


bonehead04 11-16-2012 9:37 PM


bonehead04 02-09-2013 10:51 AM

Forgot about this. Still for sale.

bonehead04 02-10-2013 3:52 PM


bonehead04 02-13-2013 2:58 PM

Sold pending funds.

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